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Welcome to CDMS Local (Chuck Dougherty Marketing Solutions). We are a full service Digital Local Marketing company with services including Video Marketing, Reputation Management, Local Search Marketing and much more.

We never promise to rush anything up to the front page of Google because we only do things that fall within the guidelines laid out by the search engines. 

Having someone trying to push your site up the listing too fast can cause your site to become penalized so it is removed from the search engine listings altogether or even blacklisted making the domain more trouble than it is worth to repair. We take the long term approach. 

Contact us and we will be happy to see how we can help you to grow your business.

Our Mission is simple…

Our goal is a simple one, we want to help you build your business to the point that you have no other choice but to expand and hire more people. Why? It’s simple math. If we help you build your business to the point you have to expand you are going to want to brag to everyone you know about how great we are. It’s a win-win!

We specialize in getting your business noticed…

Give us a call today. We look forward to serving you.

Our Services

  • Reputation Marketing and Management
  • Online Directory Services
  • Online Video Commercials
  • Local Search Marketing
  • MAPS Optimization
  • Custom Video Design
  • Video Marketing
  • Video Animation
  • And more...

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Chuck Dougherty Marketing Solutions

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